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July 06, 2020

Yesagyo farmers turn to stable maize

Thriving stable maize in Yesagyo.
Thriving stable maize in Yesagyo.

Farmers in Yesagyo Township have expressed interest in growing CP maize, as the maize market is stable and attracts high demand.
“CP maize is easily grown in any soil. The crop can thrive well if we grow it systematically,” said a local grower. “There has been no significant change in price during this harvest season.”
The maximum price of maize is around K9,000 per basket, while the minimum price is around K6,000, he added.
“Some farmers from our village usually grow maize twice a year.”
“Farmers turn to CP maize because they are sure to earn profits, and there is stable local and foreign demand,” said an official from the Township Agriculture Department.



Pe Tun Zaw


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