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August 12, 2020

YBS will not increase fares to pay for building new bus terminals: YRTA

YBS provides commuter bus service that shuttles public between downtown Yangon and its suburb.  Photo : Phoe Khwar
YBS provides commuter bus service that shuttles public between downtown Yangon and its suburb. 
Photo : Phoe Khwar

YBS bus fares will not increase because of the cost of building new bus terminals in the Yangon Region, said U Hla Aung, the Joint Secretary of the Yangon Region Transport Authority (YRTA).
“The new bus terminals are being built with the use of our YRTA funds. So, we have no plan to increase bus fares for those commuting with YBS bus lines. As for our YRTA, we haven’t increased the bus fares to pay for the costs of building the new bus terminals,” he added.
“Increasing bus fare is a sensitive issue, not only for the investor companies, but also the commuters,” he added.
“If we want to increase bus fares, we have to submit an increase plan to the regional government, which will discuss it as a main topic, because increasing bus fares can have a big impact on the public. The regional government also subsidizes the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for the YBS buses,” said U Hla Aung.
“A 50-liter CNG gas cylinder costs over K 2170. This amount can buy 2.15 gallons of petrol. So, the government is subsidizing CNG at a low price,” he added.
If YBS bus line companies cannot afford to build the bus terminals, YRTA will invest in the construction projects. Upon completion of the projects, YRTA would then make arrangements for its use by the bus lines.
Currently, YBS bus terminal, located in Tamargone in Hlainethaya Township, is being built with an estimated cost of K300 million that will be borne by the YRTA fund.
This YBS bus terminal is being built on a 1.836-acre plot of land in Tamargone in Hlainethaya Township by Pyay Aung Company, which won the tender.
YRTA has also planned to build a parking area for school buses in Pazundaung Township.
Moreover, YRTA is seeking an area of land to construct YBS terminals in other townships. Currently, YRTA is building terminals by renting land belonging to the Yangon City Development Committee, he said.
At present, there are not enough bus terminals available to the public. YBS buses are forced to park beside roads, causing traffic jams, according to the YRTA. (Translated by Hay Mar)


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