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July 05, 2020

Yangon to receive 24-hour electricity supply

The night scene of Sule Pagoda landmark ancient Pagoda at blue hour in downtown Yangon.  Photo: Thwe Thwe Tun
The night scene of Sule Pagoda landmark ancient Pagoda at blue hour in downtown Yangon.  Photo: Thwe Thwe Tun

Yangon will get an around-the-clock supply of electricity in the Yangon Region with the help of over 430 megawatts which will be produced by three power plants next year, said Daw Nilar Kyaw, Yangon Region minister for Electricity, Industry and Transportation.
In a bid to get full access to a 24-hour electricity supply, the Yangon Region will be powered by a total of 439 megawatts produced by three power plants, with 106MWs by Thakayta Power Plant, 108MWs by Thaton Combined-cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant and 225MWs by Myingyan Combined-cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant. Those plants are likely to produce electricity by January or February 2018, she said.
At the Yangon Regional Hluttaw meeting held on 7th November, Daw Nilar Kyaw had responded a question raised by U Nay Win, Thongwa constituency, on plans for reduction of power cuts.
In addition, emergency electrical services will be provided with the use of diesel powered generators or CNG generators, she continued. Yangon is consuming an estimated 1,190 megawatts of electric power a year, which is about half of the total consumption of the whole country. Its electricity demand has increased yearly by 15 per cent. The more foreign direct investment that enters the country, the higher the electricity demand, she said.
Yangon is currently powered by ten 230 kilovolt substations. There are expired 113.64-mile underground power grids between 50 and 100 years old in the Yangon Region. Yangon region government and Yangon City Electric Supply Board and companies authorised to generate electricity supply are preparing for construction of sub-stations, power grids and transformers.
Also, they are also performing maintenance of power cables and transformers, said Daw Nilar Kyaw. The commercial city of Yangon has 29 industrial zones and more than 6,200 small-and-medium-sized enterprises, all of which hike up electricity demands compared to other regions and states.
The Yangon Region is mainly dependent on electric power provided by power plants such as Yeywar, Shweli and Paunglaung, which are far from the city. Additionally, a small number of thermal power stations are one of the reasons \for the insufficient electricity supply in Yangon, according to Yangon City Electric Supply Board. Yangon’s electricity consumption is 370 MWs in the eastern district, which is the main location of industrial zones, 380 MWs in the northern district, 360 MWs in the western district, which is the central point for most of the hotels and supermarkets, and 44 MWs in the underdeveloped southern district, according to Yangon City Electric Supply Board.


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