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July 04, 2020

Why your vote deserves careful thought

It has been almost half a decade since Myanmar’s democratically elected government took office. Our country is about to face a critical moment, with the official start of election campaigning just a few days away. It must be a thrilling and busy time for political parties as they ready themselves to canvass the public for votes and air political broadcasts.
The majority of Myanmar people are social introverts and politically inept; we prefer to shy away from politics and just abandon ourselves to our fate when bad things happen.
But with the passage of time, we should no longer exercise so much self-restraint. Now is the time for the younger generation to get involved in national politics. The Inter-Parliamentary Union has made its view on this issue clear by calling for ‘public participation in democracy’ when marking International Day of Democracy on 15 September.
Public engagement is critically important to the process of democratic reform because it means that we are all helping to shape the future of our country. As citizens, it is both our right and our responsibility to engage.
It is imperative that the national electorate recognises the general election for what it is: an opportunity too good to miss. In other words, we should all exercise our right to vote so that we can create a genuine democracy through active participation.


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