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September 18, 2019

Why not try the benefit of the doubt?

The year 2015 will no doubt be a historic occasion for Myanmar. The reason is that the country will be conducting general elections in the fourth quarter of the year, with curiosity sweeping the country. The people have become curious as to what changes the elections will bring about and what that year will have in store for them.
Looking back on the events of the year 2014, one can easily detect that this year has witnessed two major endeavours. One is national reconciliation and the other is peace talks between the government and the ethnic armed groups. Despite leaving no stone unturned, both sides have not accomplished much. It is therefore necessary for them to start to think in a logical way and put aside their individual egos.
Clearly it takes time to build a functional, high-performing team to mend the relationships that have long been strained. It is however not that complicated. The key is to keep it simple and keep working on the establishment of mutual trust.
Once trust is restored, all stakeholders engaged in national reconciliation and peace talks will as a general rule be willing to admit weaknesses and mistakes, ask for help and accept questions about their areas of responsibility and accountability. It is better to give one another the benefit of the doubt before jumping to a negative conclusion.
In other words, all stakeholders should come to sense that now is the time for all of them to openly confront their pasts, face their imperfections, make changes and do better while seeking some common ground for their shares of contributions to peace, human rights and all-round development of the country.


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