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May 25, 2020

Warning In Relation With Extremist Terrorists

Extremist terrorists hatching plot for another brutal attack. Photo: MNA

Information Committee of State Counsellor’ Office issues the warning notification which states not to do supporting to or abetting the extremist terrorists and ARSA, supplying , or writing in medias in support of extremist terrorists and ARSA, it is learnt.
Myanmar Counter-terrorism Central Committee has already declared the extremist terrorists and ARSA who perpetrated in the terrorist attacks in Maungtaw area on 25 August 2017 as Terrorist Group.
While the extremist terrorists were besieging and blocking the Taungbazar village on 26 August, the news that some INGO staffs were seen in the terrorist group was secured. The investigation is going on to verify the news. Likewise, the information about finding high-energy biscuits which had been supplied by WFP at the terrorist camps on Mayu mountain on 30, July 2017 was also issued.
Furthermore, some news media used the other terms (for instance “insurgents”) in reporting the news avoiding the use of officially acknowledged word “extremist terrorist”.
Now, the news had already been issued that the United Nation, United States State Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, American Embassy and British Embassy in Myanmar strongly condemned the terrorist attacks of extremist terrorists in Maungtaw area.
The responsible personnel are now undertaking the necessary procedures to inform the governments of foreign countries through the International Police to take necessary action on the persons who are connected with or helping the extremist terrorist and ARSA, or the persons or organizations that make financial support to them.
It is highly important to stamp out the extremist terrorists and ARSA since the Counter-terrorism is the common interest for the families of the world, international organizations including the United Nations, and international governments. In this warning notification, supporting to or abetting the extremist terrorists and ARSA, supplying , or writing in medias in support of extremist terrorists and ARSA are banned and if those acts described above are found committed in domestic, action will be taken in accordance with Counter-terrorism Law. If those from foreign countries are found not abiding by the warning, they will be informed to the International Police for necessary action.—Myanmar News Agency

Utensils and construction material seized from extremist terrorists. Photo: MNA
Food delivered by WFP to IDP camps are found in the hidden tents of terrorist Photo: MNA


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