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February 22, 2020

Walking towards our objectives with collective strength

  • Since taking up office on 31 March 2016, the civilian government has now served its third year in office. While the popularly elected administration could not fully fulfill the wants and needs of the entire country within three years, it has fulfilled the most dire needs of the people, to the best of its abilities.
    The civilian government has vowed to complete the peace process, an integral component to Myanmar, before it’s term is over. They have placed special emphasis on the dangers of illegal narcotic drugs which plague our daily lives. They are acting on reports from the public with serious actions.
    We can see that there has been moderate success in combating corruption, the scourge of national development and good governance. The civilian government has raised the overall stipends of pensioners to accommodate their later years in life. And the government’s initiatives for clean urban planning and smooth public transportation has garnered favorable results.
    The civilian government has strived to fulfill the needs for roads and transport, clean drinking water, sufficient electricity, education, and healthcare, within a relatively short period of time. They have begun reforming the education sector this year, and are upgrading public health care annually.
    Electrification is important for national development and elevating the living standards of people. With the construction of major transmission lines, electric power stations and sub stations, we have learnt that 50 per cent of the public will receive electricity by the end of this year. Further, the electricfication and transportation projects are being given priority to border areas and highlands.
    So far, we have seen upgrades among the 144 major roads in Myanmar, including 367 miles and 2 furlongs into concrete roads, 336 miles and 3 furlongs into tar roads, and 1,322 miles and 6 furlongs into nylon tar roads. In addition, over 26,313 miles of road have been paved and maintained.
    The civilian government has constructed over 500 bridges exceeding 180 feet, and is striving towards providing all-weather roads for 80 per cent of all villages, and 90 per cent of rural residents by 2030.
    The civilian government also faces numerous challenges and difficulties in trying to fulfill the needs of the people in a short amount of time. Yet the government will persevere through these hardships with collective strength. But every citizen needs to be aware of their responsibilities and fulfill them, as well.
    We believe that the civilian government, which has received the majority of public support, will be able to push through on its path, while amending its shortcomings, to succeed in establishing the democratic federal Union we all desire.


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