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April 01, 2020

Vietnamese owned Anawyahta Cruise to sail along Ayeyawady, Chindwin rivers

Anawyahta Cruiseseen an choned at a jetty.
Anawyahta Cruiseseen an choned at a jetty.

Anawyahta Cruise owned by Vietnam-based Heritage Line Co will sail along Ayeyawady River and Chindwin River, the largest tributary of Ayeyarwady, visiting culturally rich destinations that reflect the country’s traditions customs and lifestyles of rural people along those rivers.
The cruise will operate its first-ever Yangon-Bagan trip on March 4.
There are numerous culture-rich zones along Ayeyawady and Chindwin rivers that may attract greater interest from international tourists. That is the main reason for the company making investment in the country’s tourism industry, said Maarten Perdok, mamging director of Heritage Line Co.
Since 2014, the four-storey cruise named “Anawyahta” has been built in Vietnam. It is 213 feet long and has 23 rooms which can allow up to 46 passengers per trip. The cruise arrived Myanmar in last July in order to expand its luxury cruise service business within the country, planning to operate Yangon-Bagan-Yangon trip, Yangon-Mandalay-Yangon trip, Bagan-Mandalay-Bagan, Mandalay-Homalin-Bagan and Mandalay-Katha trip.
The heritage Line Co initiated its cruise services in 2009 along Megkong River.


Thi Thi Min


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