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July 04, 2020

Upgrading of Chin State’s roads to see year-round access within five years

SALAI Isac Khin, Minister of Municipal/Electricity and Industry for Chin State, has stated that efforts will be made over the next three-to-five-years to allow for year round access along roads in Chin State.
“Accessibility is the biggest problem facing Chin State. Parts of the state are completely closed off during the rainy season. Landslides are a common problem. It’s with this that efforts will be made to make Chin State’s roads accessible for all 12 months of the year. Talks are currently being held with the World Bank, and an expense and project detail will be released in due course.” he said.
Chin State is Myanmar’s western mountainous and least developed frontier. It is comprised of 15 townships including Falam, Tiddem, Mindat, Paletwa and the capital Hakha.
“Works are already being made to improve the state’s roads. The land in our state is hard on top and soft underneath, which means landslides are common, rendering it difficult to get around. It’s a good initiative to improve road infrastructure. With better mobility, we can start to carry out initiatives that can develop our state. If carried out systematically, our state could become more developed than other states and regions in the country.” said Salai Pi Pi, general secretary of the Chin League for Democracy.
The calling of tenders to carry out the upgrading of the state’s roads will reportedly be carried out with transparency, while the type of roads to be built will be those that are compatible with the regions soil, according to the Chin State government.
“If roads are going to be upgraded, please hurry. We can’t go anywhere at the moment because of the rainy season. It takes a really long time to get between one place and another. I just want to say, please implement this project without delay.” Kat Noe, a Chin State resident, said.
Project initiatives aimed at developing Chin State were announced by minister Salai Isac Khin at a press conference held at Yangon’s Summit Park View Hotel yesterday.


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