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October 19, 2019


*    To be Reactive means to be Responsive while being Proactive means Taking Initiative and to be in charge/command.
*    I don’t seek opportunities. I create them.
-Napoleon Bonaparte
*    Actions are ours; consequences belong to heaven.
-A Proverb
*    The wisdom of life is to endure what we must, and to change what we can.
-A Jewish Proverb
*    Proactive means : Controlling a situation by making things happen rather than waiting for things to happen and then reacting to them.
-Oxford  Dictionary
Being PROACTIVE encompasses the following meanings:
•    P    for    Purpose
•    R    for    Resourcefulness
•    O    for    Objective
•    A    for    Audacity
•    C    for    Commitment
•    T    for    Taking Responsibility / Charge
•    I    for    Initiative
•    V    for    Vision  and  Strategy
•    E    for    Effectiveness-cum-Efficiency
Purpose means : The intention, aim or function of something; the thing that something is supposed to achieve; the ability to plan something and work successfully to achieve it. Synonym is determination.
To be proactive also means to be purposeful, i.e. acting with a clear aim and with resolute determination.
Resourcefulness means the ability to find effective ways of doing things and solving problems. To be proactive, we have got to have both resourcefulness and initiative which is our innate nature to preempt external request or command to do or to carry out something which should be done or carried out. Here, resourcefulness can be construed to mean the ability to tactically deploy resources to good effect.
Without a definite, clear-cut objective, one cannot be proactive. That means without a good purpose or aim to achieve something, one cannot take charge, assume responsibility and carry out the needful implementation. Among the many modes of management, Management by Objectives is one of the most effective methods. Without a good objective, there can be no good strategy. In simple terms, objective means knowing and planning to achieve what you passionately want.
Audacity  means : bravery and willing to take risks. Audacity also means shocking behavior. Without audacity, nothing great can be achieved.
Audacity also means : To dare nobly, to will strongly and never to falter in the path of duty. We should have the audacity to : “Think the most, feel the noblest and act the best”. So also, we should : “Be resolute, fear no sacrifice and surmount all difficulties to win victory”.
Commitment means : a promise to do something, to behave in a particular way; a promise to support somebody or something : the fact of committing yourself. Commitment also means the willingness to work hard and give your energy and time to a job or an activity. It also means a thing that you have promised or agreed to do, or that you have to do; Commitment also means agreeing to use money, time or people in order to achieve something. Thus, a proactive mind is a committed mind, a dedicated mind and a passionate mind.
To be proactive is to take responsibility, to take charge, to be in charge and to be accountable. To be proactive means to be transparent in whatever we do. Being Proactive means being responsive, attentive and caring in achieving our goals.
Initiative means : A new plan for dealing with a particular problem or for achieving a particular purpose. Initiative also mean the ability to decide and act on your own without waiting for somebody to tell you what to do. Initiative also means the power or opportunity to act and gain an advantage before other people do. So, to be proactive means to be audacious enough to show an initiative and resourcefulness.
A proactive mind usually have a progressive vision and a brilliant strategy. So, to be proactive also means to be thoroughly future-oriented and future-driven with a magnificent MISSION and a bold and brilliant plan of action. To be really proactive, we have got to be tremendously progressive in vision and audaciously revolutionary in strategy. The implied meaning of being proactive is to be bold and brave in shaping  the future, because the FUTURE is what we all have to face, to live and move and have our being in.
To achieve our set goals, we have got to do the RIGHT things; and to have maximum benefits with minimum outlay, we have got to do the things RIGHT. It means we have got to go along the RIGHT WAY with maximum GAIN and with minimum LOSS. So, we have got to be proactive and dynamic in executing the proactive dictum of  St. John : “Not to go forward is to turn back, and not to be gaining is to be losing.”
To be proactive is not to be reactive; to be active and not to be passive; to be dynamic and not to be static. So, to be proactive, we have got to be paradigmatically offensive in changing the status quo.
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2.)    The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.
by Stephen R. Covey


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