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October 18, 2019

TMH Telecom Public Co., Ltd soon to be listed on Yangon Stock Exchange

Visitor takes photo at YSX in downtown Yangon. Yangon Stock Exchange (YSX) approved the TMH Telecom Public Co., Ltd to be listed on YSX on 1st December 2017.  Photo: Phoe Khwar

Yangon Stock Exchange (YSX) approved the TMH Telecom Public Co., Ltd to be listed on YSX on 1st December 2017 after scrutinizing submitted application documents and a deliberate listing examination in accordance with Section 41 (c) of the Securities Exchange Law and section 7 and 8 of the Securities Listing Business Regulations, a recent disclosure of YSX.
The listing date of TMH is soon to be announced to the investors. Only company’s profile has disclosed on YSX website, and prospectus and supplemental documents will be revealed upon listing date.
The TMH was primarily focused on manufacturing of quality automatic telephone exchanges and then, it expanded to telecommunication services and the construction and operation of communication and broadband service. Currently, shares of four companies— First Myanmar Investment (FMI), Myanmar Thilawa SEZ Holdings (MTSH), Myanmar Citizens Bank (MCB) and First Private Bank (FPB) are currently being traded on YSX.
On 4th December, 14,774 shares worth over Ks77 million were traded by four listed companies. However, stock trading volume dropped down to 4,068 shares yesterday, with estimated trading value of Ks55 million. The share prices were Ks12,000 for FMI, Ks3,100 for MTSH, Ks8,800 for MCB and Ks26,000 for FPB at the closing time. Last month’s stock trading value on YSX was Ks1.14 billion which is up from all-time low of Ks1 billion in October since its establishment, according to monthly data released by YSX yesterday.
YSX failed to attract local stock traders even after publicity discussions, expo and educative talks of stock market as it is far removed from most of the local businesses. A year and half old YSX is trying to survive from strong criticism with cool market and dropping share prices of listed companies.


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