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April 10, 2020

Time is ripe to secure good governance

Two things must be done to ensure good governance in Myanmar. First, we – the citizens – must exercise our right to participate in the political process. Second, we must elect competent leaders who can transform the people’s desires into reality. There has never been a more crucial time to secure these prerequisites to good governance.
Without good governance and accountable leaders, our country will lapse into political instability. In its absence, the rule of law will evaporate and the people will become threatened by injustice. Institutional injustice trickles down in the form of economic inequality, stripping people of opportunities and rights they would enjoy under a stable, accountable government.
One such right is the right to education. Education is an invaluable tool in building a modern, prosperous country. The longer we lack good governance, the longer we will fail to educate our people properly, leading to a vicious cycle of poverty and inequality.
From a Buddhist point of view, there is no better time for anything than the present. If we fail to seize the opportunities and freedoms currently at our disposal, our desire for a better future will have been in vain.
We cannot be faulted for being born into hard times, but we can be faulted if we hesitate to grasp the opportunity dangling before us. Now is the time to apply the lessons we have learned from the past to secure efficient and accountable governance.


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