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January 20, 2020

Timber extraction suspended nationally for remainder of year

An elephant being made reading to pull the logs.
An elephant being made reading to pull the logs.

THE Myanmar Timber Enterprise has suspended timber extraction for the remainder of this financial year throughout the country, it has been learned.
As for Bago Yoma, timber extraction will be suspended over a 10-year period due to the fact that Bago Yoma has experienced the worst rates of deforestation in Myanmar.
In order for the Myanma Timber Enterprise to be able to suspend timber extraction, a proposal has already been submitted to parliament. Currently, Bago Yoma has already suspended timber extraction, said an official from Ministry of Resources and Environmental Conservation.
Bago Yoma is known to be rich in teak trees. Previously, 12 trees out of 100 were teak. However, now only around 8 teak trees grow per 100 due to illegal timber production over recent decades.




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