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September 17, 2019

Till the last breath

All men are afraid of dying, and the world moving forward without us. To understand well the arts of living in life is a complete mystery to us.  There have been a list of things they don’t teach us at school — how to love somebody, how to be famous, how to be rich or how to be poor, and all how to die.
However we need to learn ourselves from experiences for the best of our lives till the end of our last breathe. Mental maturity and benevolence are of importance for the life.
While bad mentalities of grudge, hatred and jealousy do not need lessons or training, the positive mental attitude such as sympathy and tolerance require mindfulness and contemplation on every experience before responding external factors. All good is hard, while all evil is easy.
We can easily counter with negative attitudes of anger and disgust against other’s mistreatment.  However patience or forgiveness rarely comes out to calm down the heat out of dissatisfaction. Life is too long and boring for those who do not care about prosperity of oneself or society.
The world has developing issues to be tacked of all time. Whenever a certain problem has happened, we need to solve it with peace and tranquility. When a situation or argument cannot be resolved properly, negative impacts such as misunderstanding and displeasure might result from it. Gorge Washington said that it is at all times easier to make enemies than friends.
Mahatma Gandhi said ‘An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind’. For those who have high expectations, making the world and nearby society peaceful is not easy-peasy. They always concentrate on the welfare of human till their last breath, with the consideration of dying and comedy are crucial for all.


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