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February 29, 2020

There should be no excuse for Grand Larcenies

By Tommy Pauk
Every conscientious person avoids committing larcency in any society in the world. As a common acceptance, a person who is guilty for larceny must be penalized in accordance with the law prescribed in a certain society. In any society, nobody wants to be addressed them as ‘thief’. The word ‘thief’ is derogatory to the person who is addressed by others. Basically we human beings value the human dignity in life and in a society that we live in. We do not want to be called ‘thief’ by others unless we steal any property or money from individual or from public property. The sensible people try to control their minds not to do bad things or commit crimes. This means that well-bred persons cherish the value of basic human dignity and decency. Normally, the honest and simple persons disgust the act of stealing other people’s property or money. Some dishonest persons or morally corrupt public officials in some countries commit grand larcenies or steal public property. Even if the accused are higher rank officials or head of state, they ought to deal with the Larceny law. The exemplary penalty should be imposed on the accused those who are public officials in any country so that they can have the clean government. Everyone has to abide by law in human society.
We often hear that the public officials in some countries committed larceny and the accused were penalized for the grand larceny. Some were given severe or harsher punishment and the stolen property was seized or frozen by the law enforcement. Civilized people around the world never ever excuse for those who committed grand larcenies because the act of stealing is a crime which causes great losses to the concerned owner of the property or the state’s property indeed. Even then, the culprits tarnish the image of a certain society and they totally breach the religious teachings. Moreover, no one can deny that such immoral act is detrimental to a certain country’s prestige and national glory. Actually, when people are in power, they do not care the law and they fall prey to the inordinate- greed for their personal gain. Thus, they commit a criminal case of grand theft or grand larcenies recklessly. All the citizens and cabinet members in every country should practice good moral conduct at all time to make their country prestigious and glorious.
Nobody should ignore or neglect the criminal case of grand larceny whenever it arises in the administrative levels of a state. If the authorities involved in the law enforcement agencies fail to take actions against those accused for grand larceny related to public funds or private funds, they would be considered accomplices. Consequently, failure on action against those accused for grand larceny would provoke public outcry.
If a particular country is notorious for increasing grand larcenies, the foreign investors will shrink to invest to do some business or set up an industry in it. Due to malpractice of some public officials or services personnel, the country concerned get negative impact such as barriers arising in exercising good governance and clean government. The government and the citizens must protect and crack down the act of grand larcenies in any country aiming to develop country’s economy and prosperity. We should accept this dictum _“ righteous government and  honest citizens always work together for preserving a country’s glory and fame’as a universal concept. The intent of this article is to highlight the impact caused by the act of grand larceny. We all should bear in mind that this act is a bad-deed or a sin. Everyone on earth should be content with the honest way of living in human life.


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