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August 05, 2020

The true driving force of progress

According to some theories of social development, every human society progresses through struggles between its social classes. This means that the struggle between the dominant class and the oppressed classes will lead to the development of a society. For example, the struggle between feudal landlords, the peasantry and bourgeoisie gave birth to the development of capitalism in Europe over the past few centuries.
However, there have been intentional and unintentional attempts to distract people, including world leaders, from the lens of class struggle.  For instance, some social theories suggested that clashes between civilisations, not class struggles, are a driving force of world affairs. Some of these theories treat class struggle as an out-dated perspective. Now, it can clearly be seen that theories about clashes of civilisations are very costly and will not lead to progress. They can only produce violence and bloodshed instead of progress and prosperity. Though they sometimes derail society from its course, they cannot always do so in the long run.
Human society will continue on its natural course again soon.  Therefore, it is important that social theories or political policies should reflect the true nature of progress in human society. A policy that cannot grasp the true nature of the world will lead to nothing.


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