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April 10, 2020

The threats behind lack of success

  • The repatriation of people who fled Rakhine State has not borne fruit yet due to various impediments and the biggest ones are the threats from terrorists preventing people from returning willingly. And with this, the agenda of foreign nations has shifted back to blaming this lack of progress on Myanmar and pressuring our government.
    Some news sources state that no one in the temporary camps approached the buses and trucks parked nearby to take them back home. Just before the promised date for repatriation by both nations on 22 August, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees issued a statement that none of the displaced people were enthusiastic on returning. No matter how prepared we are, it will be tough to realize the programmes agreed upon by Myanmar and Bangladesh.
    It is clear Myanmar has never refused the repatriation of displaced people or verification of citizenship. It follows reason that we would carefully screen all those who had actually lived in Rakhine and fled the country before repatriating anyone.
    Furthermore, Myanmar officials have time and again explained that legally verified persons would be granted citizenship. No government will conduct itself above the existing laws of its nation. Thus, the international pressure forced on Myanmar is a hinderance, disturbance and detrimental influence on a developing country struggling to implement democratic values and reforms.
    Both Myanmar and Bangladesh’s neighbour, India issued the list of National Register of Citizens list to scrutinize illegal immigrants in Assam and discovered about 2 million incomers of that nature.
    News sources state they have been living there for generations after decades of religious and social conflicts and mass killings. They also say these people fled into Assam when East Pakistan separated in 1971 to establish Bangladesh but the Indian government refused to grant them citizenship. This is something to consider in relation to Myanmar.
    There are obstacles present in repatriating displaced people from Rakhine and those obstacles originate from within the temporary camps of the other country. Regardless, we express our hope that the 444 Hindus wishing to return Myanmar can do so soon.


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