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January 27, 2020

The Thorn Needs Removing If It Pierces!

A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.
A lie tends to easily & promptly spread more than the truth. As per human nature, men are more interested in gory and compromising things than pleasing ones. They usually prefer idle gossips to true stories. World-famous persons such as Mark Twain, Winston Churchill and Thomas Jefferson quoted the above saying that depicts definitely human nature in their speeches. However, some lies and concocted stories are found to be conspiracies with subversive aims behind, putting on the wrong face of seeming common gossips.
Following the October 9 armed violent attack in Maungtaw District, northern border area of Rakhine State in which nine border guard policemen were killed and over 50 firearms were taken away, the area was designated as the military operation zone and area clearance operations had to be launched. Generally analyzing, timely conspired violent attacks with the aids of foreign-based terrorists and terrorist groups can be said to have achieved the success of their strategic objectives to some extent. They waged violent attacks, targeting at going astray in the government’s activities to build a state of peace and stability in Rakhine State and for local ethnics to abandon their locations for fear. Concurrently, they spread rumours through website media linking with religious and racial extremists—claiming that females were raped, religious edifices burnt down and their belongings looted—worldwide without hesitation.
As regards the armed attacks in Rakhine State, the State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi emphasized, “The government’s attempts to solve the problem in all fairness and calibre under rule of law need to be declared to the world. Myanmar government is trying its best in solving problems and claims on violation of human rights, and the meaning of human rights is broad, it is concerned with every country, hence the need for the global understanding and acknowledgement over the government’s efforts for stability and peace in the country,” in the press conference held on 12 October with the Netherlands Foreign Minister.
In October 9 violent armed attacks, border guard policemen were killed, as were the Tatmataw troops in area clearance operations. Besides, local minorities abandoned their dwelling places and farmlands to leave for safe locations. Some locals fetching firewood and wood in the forest were shot down. To hide the actual situations, social media are spreading false news and information in connection with terrorist groups via internet website, and international media also spread them, lacking the scrutiny as to whether news are confirmed or not.
As a matter of fact, affairs in northern Rakhine are not concerned with racial and religious conflicts. It is the sole affair which offends the sovereignty of Myanmar and trespasses Myanmar territory. Simultaneously, Rakhine nationals are not the aggressive ones towards foreigners who profess other religions. They have been living together with Islamists Kamans for years. The government is responsible for solving any problems of offending the country’ sovereignty, threatening its populace’s lives and property, violating rule of law and causing instability.
In other words, the thorn has to be removed as it pierces.


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