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July 05, 2020

The link between safety and peace

FOR thousands of years, humans have wielded weapons as a means of self protection. After the division of labour occurred, the use of weapons was limited to certain members of the community, which allowed others to forget altogether about carrying weapons and do other things. However this does not mean that such persons would hesitate to pick up arms if the need arose, whether that be due to a new threat or from losing trust in those responsible for protecting them.
Myanmar has been trying to restore peace with its ethnic minorities for decades, but success remains elusive. The main reason for this is because the rights of ethnic minority groups lack genuine protection. The current political situation makes them feel vulnerable, so they refuse to put down their arms. It is vital to ensure that every member of every ethnic group feels safe from harm. Failing to do so will render peace building efforts futile. And we’ll continue to read the oft-repeated line, ‘Successive governments have tried to restore peace with ethnic minorities for decades without success for various reasons…’


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