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October 14, 2019

The Impact of watching Violent Movies and playing Violent Games

Movies, known as motion pictures and computer games are produced for pastime, pleasure and entertainment. Various kinds of movies and the electronic games are produced with the help of modern technology. Special effects and some backdrops are created by computer in film industry as well. Nowadays, youngsters across the world are addicted to violent games and violent movies. The stories of the violent movies and games portray homicide, cruel killings, vendetta, kidnap, act of terrorism, sexual assaults and serial killings and the people or characters in the stories neglect the law enforcement blatantly. The scenes and stories are almost horrific and violent from the beginning to end of the story.  Amid the occurrences of racial conflicts and religious conflicts in some western countries and in Middle East countries, the violent movies escalate the conflicts rapidly. Surprisingly, the acts of cruelty, brutality and atrocity in some regions in the world are identical to the stories in the violent movies. It seems that the terrorists’ horrendous and atrocious acts of brutality may be connected to the content of violent movies. The violent movies produce negative impacts to the viewers especially the youngsters. The negative effects of the violent movies are that some people do not hesitate to kill the other people when conflict or dispute arises and do not obey the law in the society. The violent T.V games and violent movies also influence the youngsters and even the emotions of children of under 10 year years old. Evidently, in America, school violence is a great panic for the parents concerned as some school children committed killing spree or shooting at classrooms, friends and teachers by using their parents’ guns. These miserable incidents frequently occur in some states of America. It is learned that the impact of watching violent movies and playing violent games is grater in western countries than in eastern counties.
The kids and adolescents in every society across the world prefer to watch violent movies and to play violent games rather than other kinds of movies and games. This situation is still a mystery. Why do they enjoy watching violent movies rather than non-violent movies?
In Myanmar, school children also like to play games on T.V or computer or smart phone. Of the school children, school boys are more addicted to games than the school girls. After doing their homework, Myanmar school boys play games on any available electronic devices at home. The parents of Myanmar parents cannot limit the duration of playing games as their offspring are extremely addicted to games. Sometimes, the children even fail to do their homework and the excessive game-playing does affect their study. Once they are exposed to video games, they will have passion for playing video games. Mostly, the children play violent games which are captivating with unusual characters and graphics. Not only the violent stories of the games, but also the graphic descriptions of characters are attractive and appealing to the players. During summer vacation in Myanmar, parents usually send their children to take basic computer course in urban areas. As soon as the children obtain the knowledge of how-to-operate-computer, they start playing computer games, installed in it. Myanmar adolescents are fond of playing games and addicted to violent games. They play a video game at least once per day, either on a large console, tablet computer or smart phone, spending about three hours more or less. Normally, they play at home but they like to sit and play in video games center or shops. While staying at home, they hardly ever help their parents in household chores because they always stick to playing video games especially violent games. Some of the names of popular violent games are “Counter strike”, “Assassins”, “Grand Theft Auto”, “Halo” and “Mortal Kombat”, etc.  An exposure to games with violent content may turn ordinary children and adolescents into violent people in the real world.  Due to influence of violent games, the US has the highest homicide rate in the world. While attending classes at school, the school authority detains the school children’s tablets, smart phones and other electronic devices and returns them to the school children when the school is over. Laptop computer is allowed to bring into the classrooms for doing school lessons with it, but the teachers have to prohibit playing games in the classroom. Otherwise, the school children might use these electronic devices for playing games and disturb the teachers who teach in the classroom.
Most of the settings and themes of the violent games are created in battle fields or killing fields or traps between two or more groups using sophisticated weapons or normal weapons or magical power etc. The electronic games are created by writers, computer specialists, artists and graphic designers. We recognize their innovation and their art of creation on non-violent stories, but the violent stories they have written or drawn can mislead to the youngsters. The graphics of non-violent games are rather amazing and the stories are amusing, fantastic, appealing and entertaining to all of us regardless of age. We, the elders cannot blame and obstruct our children to play modern games played on T.V or on computer for enjoyment. Actually, playing these games are enjoyable pastime for youngsters and some adults. Nonetheless, we shall need to educate our youngsters on the negative effects of playing violent games. If they play a lot of violent games, they would become the aggressive persons. Even then, the children’s minds are filled with thoughts of aggression and violence.  As for children, parents’ vigilance and teachers’ guidance are important to protect the potential negative behaviors. The elders were shocked to hear about some of the themes in the games. Parents were worried about the realism, target, context and goals of the violent games.
The violent movies influence people of all ages indeed. They arouse aggressive feeling and emotion on the viewers. The violent movies are made with horrendous and callous scenes of homicide. Some violent movies vividly play the story or episode of thriller or inhumane torture or cold blooded murder or sexual assaults. People like to watch violent movies because they are captivating with unusual stories or strange stories. Psychological studies say; “Watching violent movies really does make people more aggressive, but only if they have an abrasive personality to start with.” Those who watch violent movies a lot can turn to be aggressive and unkind persons as their minds are influenced by the content of violent movies.
According to The Lord Buddha’s analysis, naturally a man has two types of minds—the mind which takes delight in good deeds or meritorious deeds and the mind which is obsessed by bad deeds. In secular world, man is usually urged or stimulated to commit sins or breed cruelty or act aggressive behaviors. In the mean time, some people watch a lot of violent movies and their minds get obsessed with atrocious acts, seen on the screen. Then these people do not hesitate to commit brutal and cruel killings or theft or sexual assaults or misdeeds in real world. Moreover, the children who watch violent movies are prone to aggression and this can make stronger impact to their environment— school and friends .The adolescents, certain unwise adults and children are victimized by the contents, acts and the themes of the violent movies produced especially from the western countries.
Nobody can say that the violent movies and games are harmless to the viewers or players in the world. Isn’t it?  Why don’t governments around the world ban all that stuff? Respective governments should protect their posterity from the dangerous impact or negative effects of watching imported violent movies and playing violent games. Otherwise, school violence, severe crimes and inhumane acts will overwhelm in a certain society. It is a must to ban a variety of violent movies and violent video games in every society so that we can lessen violent behavior on youth. However, the non-violent movies must not be banned. There is a wide range of subjects and genres in film production .The feature films or movies such as romance, adventure, science fiction and comedy are non-violent movies which do not do any harm to the viewers of all ages.
Movies are made to entertain or educate or dispense knowledge to the people when they are at leisure. Unfortunately, some inconsiderate and selfish film makers produce such violent moves for movie lovers around the world. Concerning video games, the producers intend to entertain the gamers with fantastic playing methods. Despite a variety of video games, the violent games become popular among the players amazingly and incredibly. Anyway, parents must draw the guidelines about the amount of time children can play games at home and be sure that other activities, such as playing with friends, time with family, doing homework, playing sports etc. In order to protect the potential youth violence, parents, authority and guardians must provide their children with   a good balance and discipline. The youth of today in a certain society should be gentle, kind and brilliant so that they would become good leaders or good citizens in future!!!


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