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June 03, 2020

Terrorist hideouts discovered, items provided by int’l organisations found

Items provided by international organisations are found in terrorist hideouts. Photo: Information Committee

Security forces discovered six tents for shrimp pond guards about 1500 meters north of Kyeekyun outpost at 3 am on 28 August while on patrol as they saw the rays of torchlight and heard shouts of the ARSA extremist terrorists.
Energetic biscuits and empty packets of snack, empty cans of soft drink provided by WFP were found inside the suspected hideouts of ARSA extremist terrorists. The security personnel found two small wooden boats in a bush beside the prawn pond. Security personnel on duty discovered polythene bags in the bushes by ARSA extremist terrorists at the foot of the mountain outside Koetankauk Village in Yathedaung Township at 11 am. Seven packs of different medicine, one USAID-branded rice packet, one WFP-branded rice packet, three IEDs made of steel rods, three remote sensors, three sacks of wires, 6 remote controls, three Panasonic-branded 9V batteries and 7 bullets of .303 rifle were confiscated.—Information Committee

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