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April 08, 2020

Tea leaf production increases with ‘two row’ plantation process

A tea leaf field at Mong Mao in the Wa Self-administered Zone in north-east Myanmar.  Photo: Reuters

Tea leaf growers are seeing improvements due to their implementation of a “two-row” cultivation method, which enhances yields than densely cultivated plants.
The pilot planting method is being carried out by U Sai Htun Aung in Nant San Township, Shan State with cooperation of Yezin Agricultural University students. The two-row method can grow over 7,400 plants per acre.
Namhsan Township has 51,649 acres of tea under cultivation and generally yields about 490 kg per acre using traditional planting methods. The two-row method has more than doubled yields.
U Sai Ko Ko State officer of Namhsan Township’s Department of Agriculture and agricultural staff surveyed the programme area on 26 July.



 Sai (Hsipaw)


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