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January 26, 2020

Survey aims to protect near-endangered bird species in Taninthayi


RESEARCH to observe the natural environment of a rare bird species in the Laynya Ngawon Forest in Taninthayi Region is being undertaken by the Biodiversity and Natural Conservation Association (BANCA), its member said.
In collaboration with Flora and Fauna International, the programme aims to study the lifestyle and the natural character of Gurmey’s pitta (Hydrornis gurneyi), a medium-sized passerine bird. The bird is one of the rarest bird species on earth. It is a near-endangered species. The bird breeds in the Malay Peninsula, with populations in Thailand and especially Myanmar.
The project is a part of the bird observers’ efforts to help designate the forest as a protected area. The researchers will install voice transmitters across the Laynya Ngawon Forest, the habitat of Gurmey’s pitta, to take records of the bird.
Due to hunting and deforestation, the population of Gurmey’s pitta has gradually decreased.
Between 10,000 and 17,200 adult Gurmey’s pitta can be found in the Taninthayi Region of Myanmar and Thailand, according to the BANCA.





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