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July 04, 2020

Support for disaster victims must be ongoing

By Myint Win Thein

IN the aftermath of devastating floods and landslides across the country, the authorities have promised victims that they will restore normal life in their communities as soon as possible. However, the longer a society takes to restore normalcy, the stronger the impact of the disaster. It is therefore important for all to continue to support flood and landslide victims until they can really stand on their own feet again.
First of all, disaster victims need assistance to rebuild their livelihoods destroyed by disasters. Therefore, it is important for volunteers and government agencies to provide farmers with seeds, farm machinery, fertilizers and so on. Similarly, assistance should also be given to victims who work in other fields.
At the same time, important infrastructure damaged in the disasters must be repaired to restore the regular flow of goods into affected areas. Schools should be repaired so children can resume classes. There are still many other important things to be done for victims so that they can regain their peaceful lives from before the disasters.
Eventually, volunteers, donors and government agencies may even work together with local people for reforestation of watershed areas to reduce the impact of natural disasters in the future.
It is vital that volunteers, donors and government agencies continue to support the lives of disaster victims for some time so they can once again live normal lives.


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