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June 04, 2020

Supply glut at Muse gate brings down watermelon prices

Watermelons have been flooding Muse gate in recent days, resulting in a sharp drop in the price of the fruit, according to Khwarnyo Trading Co. Ltd.
On 18 October, about 90 trucks loaded with watermelons entered Muse gate. The number of trucks crossed 110 on 19 October, and yesterday, 145 trucks entered the gate, thereby bringing down the price, said traders.

Fruit dealers engaging in trading at the Muse gate. Photo: Thant Zin (Muse)

Earlier, watermelons were fetching 1,200-1,600 Yuan per ton. With the influx of watermelons at Muse gate, the prices have slid to 800-1,400 Yuan per ton.
Watermelons and muskmelons top the list of fruits exported to China, and the export volume is increasing significantly year over year, according to the Ministry of Commerce. If growers follow GAP guidelines, they can get higher prices.
But, the majority of them are still using pesticides, said officials.
Myanmar currently exports around 800,000 tons of watermelons per year. The volume of watermelon exports was estimated at 500,000 tons in the 2014-2015 fiscal year, over 560,000 in the 2015-2016FY, and over 170,000 tons in the past mini-budget period (from April to September, 2018).
Watermelons and muskmelons are primarily grown in Mandalay and Sagaing regions and Shan State. Myanmar’s watermelons and muskmelons have grabbed a large market share in China.—GNLM
(Translated by Ei Myat Mon)


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