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July 04, 2020

Subjective thinking is a risky business

By Myint Win Thein

Subjectivity places too much emphasis on one’s own ideas, opinions and feelings – the facts come a distant second. In the real world, one is sure to make mistakes when the facts are neglected. This is especially true for politicians.
Think of it like this – scientists measure water vapour levels to predict rains. This is the objective and accurate way to go about it. Being influenced by personal feelings and opinions would only lead to incorrect assessments. It would be like predicting rain solely because one is tired of the heat.
But sometimes even the most seasoned of politicians and other types of public figures are given to making decisions for solely subjective reasons. This will have an unfortunate effect on a party’s policies.
Eventually, such policies will fail and the party in question will have no choice but to adopt the policies that the general public has long been demanding. A party leader would do well to take heed of the peoples’ concerns and interests rather than giving too much weight to their own personal feelings. May all those in positions of leadership think objectively.


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