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June 06, 2020

Stroke Unit to be opened at Yangon General Hospital by 2016

15 million people suffer strokes annually worldwide, the majority of victims are women

A stroke patient at Yangon’s Traditional Medicine Hospital.
A stroke patient at Yangon’s Traditional Medicine Hospital.

THE Ministry of Health intends to open a stroke unit at Yangon General Hospital next year with the aim of providing better and more effective treatment to stroke victims, according to a spokesperson.
The major aim of establishing a stroke unit is to offer recombinant tissue plasminogen activators (r-tPAs) therapy to patients who arrive the hospital within a few hours of their stroke.
Other countries have also used this therapy that may reduce the risk of death and chronic paralysis and can also activate some paralytic parts, said Prof Phyu Phyu Lay from the North Okkalapa General Hospital.
She added, “Plans are underway to expand stroke units at some general hospitals which have neurology department including Mandalay General Hospital and Magway General Hospital.”
“Among hospitals, Yangon’s North Okkalapa General Hospital is high on the ministry’s list of priorities to open a stoke unit after the YGH.”
In many parts of the world, people die from strokes when they occur.
According to the World health Organisation, 15 million people suffer from stroke each year worldwide and one person dies every six seconds from the disease.
The survey shows that women are more likely to have a stroke than men.
Despite no exact figures on stroke patients, North Okkalapa Hospital alone receives at least 20 patients per month, the majority of whom are suffering from ischemic stroke, Prof Phyu Phyu Lay said.
High blood pressure is the main risk factor for stroke. Doctors suggest people change their life styles and try and get a half hour daily dose of exercise.


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