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July 16, 2020

Step up efforts against unsafe foods

IN Myanmar, one can never be completely certain that the food we’re consuming isn’t hazardous to our health. Even rice, our country’s staple, is sometimes contaminated by pesticide and fertilizer, as are many other locally grown crops.
Equally worrying is a practice among some fruit sellers of using chemicals to quickly ripen their fruits, or using chemical dyes to make them look more attractive to the consumer. For the sake of a quick buck, they are putting their customers at risk of contracting cancer.
Air and water quality in a bustling city like Yangon is lower than it should be and sometimes it is downright dangerous for our health. Weaknesses in monitoring must be overcome by authorities and unsafe foods must be banned without exception.
Every effort should be made to ensure that the only food available is safe and healthy – and the same goes for water and air. If we are lax about it we’ll soon end up with massive health problems.


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