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July 09, 2020

Stable policies before stable politics

IT is no exaggeration to say that policy stability is a pressing need for our country at a time when the general election is just over two months away. In other words, policy stability is more important than political stability. A glance at the country’s politics will reveal that changes in executive, legislative or judicial powers tend to entail some policy changes. Gradually, people from all walks of life have come to show greater interest in democracy and good governance in the hope that these two fundamental entities will contribute to the all-round development of the country. The point is that our country is in urgent need of stable policies and transparent processes. In this context, parliaments play a vital role in ensuring that democracy and good governance give rise to clean, responsible and accountable government. In addition, they are required to play their representational role in developing laws and policies that respond to the expectations of the general people. In a sense, the government and the parliament must understand that they have nothing more important to do than to serve the interests of the people, simply because they are the elected representatives of the people. After all, the country is none but the people themselves.


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