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September 17, 2019

Speed limits for a safe society

Every major highway has signposts with speed limits, even though they are nearly perfect, straight and smooth. On many highways there will be some crossroads or junctions with open spaces or obstacles that obscure the view.
Speed limitation is needed as the highways are not for reckless driving. Dangerous driving with unlimited speed can cause fatalities. Therefore, each country or territory sets different limits for vehicles such as cars and trucks.
No highway is 100 percent safe because there can be infrastructural flaws or traffic accidents. A driver may be very clever at driving or the vehicle may be equipped with the latest technologies, however, life-threatening accidents can still happen at any time if there is uncontrolled driving.
Some jurisdictions set lower speed limits for large commercial vehicles like heavy trucks and buses, which do not apply to light trucks or private cars. Speed limits also depend on the type of vehicle, in addition to the areas where they are being driven.
‘Freedom’ is like a smooth highway with less hurdles or obstacles. However, when we the people are going along the highway of freedom, we need to respect certain limits to be able to enjoy it. When freedom is abused with reckless abandon, the consequences and impacts will affect both the individual and the whole society.
Freedom is needed for an open society. However, with freedom comes responsibility. People should not use it recklessly. Drive safely on the roads. Enjoy freedom with limits for a safe and peaceful society.


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