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August 09, 2020

All-round youth development ensures national progress

Interviewers: Khin Maung Htwe, Win Win Maw, Photo: Zaw Min Latt

Preparations are under way to hold youth all-round development festival in Yangon University.
Preparations are under way to hold youth all-round development festival in Yangon University.

The 2014 census shows that 46.5 percent of the country’s population is juveniles and youngsters or the invaluable human resources and the driving force of the future. Hence the government is planning to hold youth all-round development festival with the aim of creating a platform where Myanmar youths can share intellectual, technical and general knowledge and ethical values, and where they can formulate excellent views and ideas for the future human society.
The three-day festival will be held at Yangon University from 9 am to 5 pm daily between 1 and 3 December. The festival involves literary movements, cultural activities, sports events, IT and scientific innovations, apart from book festivals, youth knowledge enrichment programs, forums, cultural performances and entertainments.
The MNA team conducted an interview on the programs to hold the festival on a grand-scale.

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Chairman of the Festival Leading Committee Union Minister for Information
Dr Pe Myint
Youths of the country are the ones who will shape our future. They should have individual abilities. They should be enlivened with the spirit of developing their own country and community. The festival aims at promoting this spirit and the individual abilities. The festival will serve as a venue where interesting subjects of the IT age are available for youths. As it is a festival it will also be a showcase youths can visit and participate in a joyful atmosphere. Thanks to our arrangements the festival will be a long memory for the youths. The festival will bring happiness, progress and sweet memories for every visitor.
Individual development in conjunction with the development of the five strengths among our youths ensures national progress. More youths with progressive ideas and efficiency means greater national development.

Member of the Leading Committee Union Minister for Education Dr Myo Thein Gyi
Of the 160 youths of the 8th Model ASEM, 56 were from Myanmar. We found that Myanmar youths had the ability to stand shoulder to shoulder with their international counterparts. The proof was that of the five awards presented there Myanmar youth representatives won two. We know that they have potentials and the ability to compete with their international counterparts. We all should make cooperative efforts in providing them with the spirit of taking responsibility and accountability and having creative ideas. The State and the ministry are making huge investments in encouraging youths. So youths should try developing their abilities till reaching the international level.

Joint Secretary of the Leading Committee Director-General of Information and Public Relations Department
U Ye Naing
It is the first youth all-round development festival of the government in office. Multi programs including cultural performances will be included in the festival apart from exhibitions and competitions. We have invited over 4000 university and basic education students of Yangon to the opening ceremony.
The main goal of the festival is the development of the five strengths of youths. We hope our arrangements will enhance the organizational skills and creativity of youths. There will also be entertainment programs that may arouse morale and vigor of the youths. We invite the participation of every youth in this festival which indeed is a rare event.


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