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August 08, 2020

Role of New Generation in Promoting Traditional Medicine of Myanmar

A student receives academic degree from the Mandalay University of Traditional Medicine during convocation.
A student receives academic degree from the Mandalay University of Traditional Medicine during convocation.

Situation as it should be changed and another was to create a new future on our own and reforming. There were slight differences in the two. For a country like Myanmar that was lagging behind in development both reforms were needed. It was important to change the status of being left behind in the past and to change what ought to be changed. In addition to this status of being able to change and create the future was needed. A poem prayer was recalled when considering what changes were to be made. The poem prayer says may we have the courage to change. (Excerpt from Speech delivered by the State Counsellor, H.E.Daw Aung San Suu Kyi on International Youth Day,12th August,2019)
The new generation is the next level of humanity’s development so the future of the country depends on new generation and they play an important role in the development of the country including traditional medicine. According to the book entitled “Milestones of Traditional Medicine in Myanmar”, there is a record of successive eras dated back thousands of years from which traditional medicine is handed down up to now. Looking back on those successive eras, we are obliged to generation after generation for their role in surviving traditional medicine from time to time. Thanks to those older generations, we now have the solid evidence of how traditional medicine existed thousands of years ago. The role of new generation cannot be omitted in developing traditional medicine because it is the new generation who will hand it over from the old ones. All layers need to support the new generation with proper facilities for getting equipped with knowledge of modernized traditional medicine. The new generation has a role to review and refresh the current status of traditional medical services including innovation and action for traditional medicine.
According to the thematic report on children and youth of the 2014 Myanmar Population and Housing Census, the population of children aged 0-17 and youths aged 15-29 comprised 46.5 percent of the total population. With the figure almost half of the total population, the new generation has the power to change the country. That’s why the role of the new generation is crucial to the country and likewise to the traditional medical field.
Primary health care plays an essential role in achieving the Universal Health Coverage (UHC). It is important to raise public awareness in promoting primary health care. With almost half of the total population, the new generation is vital for raising public awareness. Youths are the energized group with enthusiasm with their mindset, fresh and innovative which will support the progress of traditional medical field. They are always willing to create new things instead of following the old conventional ones. Giving the young people an opportunity to show their creativity is a must in nurturing a generation. New generation must be sustainable platform to showcase and utilize their talent and intellect. There are many youths who have brilliant business ideas which will create employment but could not fulfill because of some limitations like lack of social and financial support. If given the facilities, they will drive the economy of the country.
New generation represents the future development of the country. It is important to create a pathway for young people to play a role in respective sectors. Their role is to challenge the establishment and helping the leaders to revise their thinking and long-term planning. While taking the responsibility over to the current generation from the previous one, old and new should integrate hand in hand with no one leaving behind. It is also inevitable that there will be some generational differences between young and old because of the generation gap while helping young people along with the old ones. If the young people are not secured a role to play their part while they are eager to create, they will soon lose their confidence and doubt their ability to create new ideas and thinking. Moreover it will affect their future perspectives as well as the development of community. So the old generation should appreciate young generation’s creative ideas and innovation and likewise, the young should respect the work of previous generation.
In addition, the role of new generation is highly important in promoting traditional medicine because they are the ones who will lift the burden from the shoulders of the old ones.


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