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May 31, 2020

Residents can play part in tackling seasonal floods

As the rain starts falling on Yangon, the city is experiencing floods that are fueling traffic congestion, despite the Yangon City Development Committee’s efforts to improve the drainage system, especially in six downtown areas.
The city of more than 6 million people is prone to flooding whenever heavy rains fall due to a drainage system that has been poorly maintained for many years, and a rising population that is using more water and creating a greater amount of waste. Much of the matter clogging canals and drains is waste that has not been properly thrown away.
The YCDC said it has faced difficulties in the digging process, as it seeks to avoid old and new underground cables, water pipes and sewerage. While some residents are very optimistic about the projects of the YCDC, others say the floods are the same every rainy season, and they don’t see this year being any different.
Workers feel upset when they are late to the office due to the traffic gridlock, which has become familiar to those who have been commuting for many years. With the inundated roads come other deadly hazards, such as electrical and traffic accidents.
YCDC has announced that it has been working to prevent flooding through measures including the dredging of canals above and below ground, the building of new drains and extension of existing ones, as well as covering roadside canals across the entire city. The measures are expected to cost billions of kyats from state funds.
While the city development committee is aiming to address the garbage problem to mitigate floods, in addition to creating an effective drainage system, people should also join hands with YCDC in making Yangon a clean and green city free from floods during the rainy season by properly disposing of their waste in dustbins.


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