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July 14, 2020

Regional Hluttaw representative impatient with delayed housemaid abuse case

Injuries on head of the girl.
Injuries on head of the girl.

A REPRESENTATIVE of the Yangon Region Hluttaw said he would submit a question at the regional parliament concerning the delayed trial of a housemaid allegedly abused by a family in North Dagon Township.
Representative U Nyi Nyi of the Yangon Region Hluttaw was quoted as saying so at the office of the Child Rights Promotion Network in Hledan, Yangon, on Saturday.
“The case was reported to the police on 14 July 2015. The girl suffered abuses disproportionate to her age. If the case continues to be delayed, I will bring it to the Hluttaw speaker and government officials concerned. Then, I will submit a question to the Hluttaw session.” said U Nyi Nyi.
According to the police report, Daw Aye Aye Win of North Dagon Township took Ma Than Than Ei from her family after successfully persuading her parents in South Dagon Township by saying that she would adopt the girl and make her a Buddhist nun. However, the girl was forced to work as a housemaid and was violently abused without being paid for five years. Daw Aye Aye was reported to have beaten the girl with iron chains and bars, twisted her fingers with pliers and poured boiling water on her body. Daw Aye Aye Win’s son, daughter and son-in-law also stand accused of kicking, hitting and beating the victim. The girl was treated at North Okkalapa Hospital for a week and then treated as an outpatient for some time.
“The trial has been continuing for 15 months. The judge and the police officer who were responsible for the case have moved to other places. There may be some weaknesses in
handling the case. We will call for an investigation into the delay.” said U Arkar Soe from the network.
It has been 41 court sessions since the case was filed, according to an uncle of the housemaid.
The housemaid’s lawyer said that some witnesses who are friends of the accused failed to appear at the court and the girl’s father died during the case. In addition, the judge and the police officer who handled the case were transferred to other towns.


Thi Thi Min


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