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May 29, 2020

Public services personnel must have good public persona and public relations

Since 2011, Myanmar has already changed its political system and government patterns in order to march towards democratic state. The Legislative power, judicial power and executive power are being exercised in conformance with the 2008 constitution.This constitution was adopted by referendum. In other words, the entire people of Myanmar have already assented to this constitution. Thus the government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar was elected by the entire people of Myanmar. We can rely on the elected government, constitution and also we need to practice rights of democracy. We have to stick to the principles of democracy constantly and firmly. The constitution provides citizen rights, human rights, political rights and others, which protect and allow us to exercise legally and systematically. We, therefore, must get rid of nasty and old attitudes towards the government and political system. We need to understand that this is the transitional period from military junta government to democratically elected government. With much tolerance, we ought to overcome some challenges on the way to pure or genuine democratic state. In fact,former junta had laid down the political roadmap for establishing democracy in Myanmar. No one can deny that this historic change will benefit all citizens of Myanmar and prosper the nation.
Public services personnel are the ones who are responsible to fulfill the public needs and wants and to manage the public affairs officially. They are also known as public officials. They must bear in mind that they earn their living as public services personnel.They are normally selected by the government to assign the duties and responsibilities of the respective positions according to their skills, experiences, paper qualification or degree and diploma. Generally, the selected persons are considered to be qualified enough to deal with general public and to do the jobs suitably. Since they become public services personnel, they are obligated to deal with public. Unavoidably, they must deal with different characters of ordinary people who need or want to get services from the authority concerned or officials concerned. The public services personnel must respect and treat the public nicely. They are not supposed to treat the public haughtily and disrespectfully. The public personnel must not show hoity-toity manner whenever they deal with public as well as their subordinates in their offices or departments concerned. If they are undutiful and treat the public impolitely, the public will disgust and despise them. Therefore, the general public do not care their positions in public services because they are neither the rulers of a certain society nor leaders of a certain society. Whatever positions belong to the personnel, they must have good public persona in dealing with public concerned. Even though, some personnel may have obtained master’s degree or even PhD academically, they are lack of goodwill and personal integrity. The public do not appreciate their services and haughty dealing. Therefore, their mindsets do not fit for the public services and they cannot contribute to our society practically.
Some public personnel are very conceited of having the position of Managing Director or Director General or Manager or General Manager for respective departments of the different Ministries and they commit bribery and corruption. Those immorally corrupt personnel usually suppress their subordinates, but they lick their superiors’ boots shamelessly and sycophantically. In fact, those personnel are conceited fools!  They show total disregard for the interest of the public. Such unfair behaviors and immorality tarnish the image of Myanmar and the government. Due to the stupidity of some personnel concerned, the mechanism of public services can be stuck or damaged. The aforesaid services personnel do not deserve the model or ideal public services personnel award given by general public or by the government. They must be tamed and taught how to treat or serve the public politely so that the government will not lose respect of the public. However, some personnel have very cheerful and cordial public persona whenever they deal with public at work. Under this situation, public appreciate their conducts and behaviors. Some personnel take bribe from the public so as to get the job done in time. In order to get the official document with approval or signature of the authorized personnel for business permit or recommendation, the public bribe him or her reluctantly. Otherwise, he or she might use dirty tricks and put the document into the pending tray in the office.
The harmonious public relations and outstanding service personnel lubricate the engine of government mechanism to be driven smoothly and efficiently. Those who are involved in public dealing have to comply with the personnel codes of conduct precisely so that their conducts will impress the public. In some mature democratic nations, even the president, prime ministers, ministers, higher rank public officials and public services personnel pay respect to the general public distinctively and cordially.The mutual trust and mutual respect exist in these nations. The mature democratic governments in the world listen to the public voice, public complaints and public opinions, and give feedback to the public meticulously. The feedback from the government is always appreciable to the public concerned. In case, some faults or mistakes or defects or damage arise under a particular Ministry, the Minister concerned admits that he or she is responsible for these problems and  resign  as Minister on his or her own accord without hesitation. This reveals that he or she takes accountability to the defect or fault or weakness under his or her management or administration concerned. It  is a praiseworthy act, isn’t it?
During the five-year period of transition to democracy in Myanmar, we are able to constitute democratic governance to some extent.
Democratic governance is defined as below:-
“Institutions and processes that are responsive to the needs of ordinary citizens, including the poor, and promote participation, accountability and effectiveness at all levels, including strong electoral and legislative systems, equal access to justice, fair systems of public administration and the capacity to deliver basic services to those most in need.”
Necessarily, all the public services personnel in the hierarchies must be capable of performing their assigned duties and responsibilities in line with democratic governance. Above-stated practices will enhance the public relations between any services personnel and ordinary public or citizens. As Myanmar is led by democratic government, public services personnel, defense services personnel and police forces personnel have to maintain democratic governance in conformity with the 2008 constitution. Myanmar citizens must be adherent to the provisions prescribed in the 2008 constitution and exercise the rights of democracy as well. All services personnel need to change their old mindsets and deal with the ordinary public harmoniously and cordially. To consolidate democracy, public services personnel and the public must have good relations and cooperation too.
All should realize that the role of public is vitally important for democratic process indeed. The stable justice, equality, fair administration and effective public services are to be present in our society. No wobble is allowed!!!


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