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July 12, 2020

I promise that you will see with your own eyes the changes that you have yearned for as I walk along this path together with you: President U Win Myint

Following is the unofficial translation of the full text of the speech delivered by President U Win Myint at the ceremony to take oath of office at Pyidaungsu Hluttaw yesterday.

Esteemed Speaker and Representatives of the PyidaungsuHluttaw, the State Counsellor and Union-level personnel and dignitaries in this ceremony and Union citizens, may you be blessed with auspiciousness, good health and peace of mind.
I wish first of all to express my thanks to the Representatives of the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw who elected me as President and all the people who gave me strength and support. Also, I am truly grateful to have this opportunity to deliver this speech after taking my oath of office as President in this Pyidaungsu Hluttaw.
Fellow citizens of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar,
Holding in high esteem all the people in the entire country who have given support with faith and trust to the State Counsellor and the National League for Democracy, I pledge to carry out my duties with righteousness, seriousness and steadfastness.
Today, our country is still in poverty with necessities in every sector;which is why we need to carry on our struggle and work hard in all sectors. In the international arena, we are facing pressure, criticisms and misunderstandings. The challenges and difficulties our country and our people are facing today are many. Although every issue cannot be solved easily, we will have to make utmost efforts to solve these issues according to each priority sector.
Fellow citizens,
I will carry out the implementation of the priority goals of the Union Government which are as follows:
1. Rule of law and improvement of the socio-economic life of the people,
2. National Reconciliation and internal peace,
3. Amending the Constitution which is the foundation for building a Democratic Federal Republic.
Furthermore, today at this time, we are witnessing the transformation of an era and a system in accordance with democratic principles. This is just the beginning of the democratic transition. To make this transition process smooth and successful, it is very important for our peoples, government employees and civil servants to change their dogmatic mindset and habits. Those government institutions which are lagging behind in the transformation process will need to be put under tight management controls. The country’s weak judiciary system would need to be strengthened. More efforts need to be exerted to stamp out corruption. More efforts need to be exerted to prevent human rights violations. More efforts need to be exerted to crack down illegal drug trade. We need to manage public funds properly so that there is no wastage. Measures need to be taken to return confiscated farmland to farmers and to give compensation to farmers for losses they have suffered in accordance with the law. We also need to improve the socio-economic life of farmers, improve the lives of workers and ensure that students gain access to higher education.
Fellow citizens,
I would firstly like to address the three branches of the sovereign power of the State, who have been entrusted with power according to the Constitution, to exercise mutual respect, understanding, and trust as they collaborate for the good of the people. Additionally, I wish to urge the media sector, which serve as the ears and eyes of the public, to understand the seriousness of their duties and to hold in high regard the public sector that they serve.
We have much to carry on fulfilling the hopes and needs of the people of the country. We must press on until our citizens have their dignity raised and our country can retain its former glory on the global stage.
We will abolish the red tape that burdens the people and eradicate corruption and bribery that plagues all levels of society as we work to strengthen the moral fiber of our people. We will draw out from our past experiences as a civilian government overcoming various obstacles and hardships, as we work to the best of our ability for the immediate present and head towards the future of a democratic nation that respects human rights and is free from all stains of corruption.
Fellow citizens,
In my closing remarks I would like to state that I solemnly promise that you will see with your own eyes the changes that you have yearned for as I walk along this path together with you.
Thank you everyone.


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