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May 25, 2020

Prices of green gram decline in Thonegwa market

Harvested green gram. Photo: Ko Kyaw (Thonegwa)
Harvested green gram. Photo: Ko Kyaw (Thonegwa)

THE price of green grams has steadily declined during the first week of February due to a massive influx of green grams into the market this month, according to wholesalers.
Prices of green gram fell to Ks33,000 on 3 February, from Ks36,000 per basket of 20 viss (approximately 32 pounds) on 31 January.
Growers cultivate green gram beginning in mid-November, and it is normally harvested in the middle of February.
The region mainly grows two types of green grams— Yayzin and Shwewah. Of the two crops, Yayzin usually is assured a good price in the market. Farmers often store their crops, while waiting for market prices to rise.
U Myint Naing, one of the growers from Nankhale Village, said he planted 10-acres of Shwewah green gram this season, spending Ks244,500 per acre of plantation. Thanks to the good weather, growers in the village are expecting a bumper harvest this season. An acre planted with green gram can produce roughly 14 baskets, with an estimated value of Ks2.175 million.
Myanmar imports green grams to China, Viet Nam and other countries.—Ko Kyaw (Thonegwa)


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