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June 01, 2020

Pollution, Pollution ….Everywhere!

Dr. Nu Nu Win
Nowadays, it is difficult to find a place where we can have fresh air, even at the beach resorts, the countryside or in the villages. It shows that we can find air pollution more in the down-town areas where we have thick population and intense traffic. It is so easy to have air pollution and water pollution where we have thick areas of industries and businesses.
As we have more and more industries and factories, it is a great pity that the things we took for granted like fresh sea breeze or wide areas of natural forests are dwindling day by day. Some people may say that an area becomes developed because businesses and industries could be seen in abundance; however, we should all make sure that we are not paying a heavy price in terms of water and air pollution in these industrial zones.
And moreover, because most of these industries and businesses are mostly owned not by our citizens but by foreigners, sometimes it is very difficult to enforce proper environmental standards for a clean and safe environment for the people living in these areas. Because they are foreigners, some do not care about keeping the environment safe for the health of the people who live in the surrounding areas. In such cases, private sector companies could come up with innovative ideas for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) projects or PPP – Public Private Partnerships projects to deal with environmental issues.
In some cases, some industries cut down trees to get fuel for their boilers instead of using coal, fuel oil or natural gas (This is just one example). If these practices continue without any corrective measures taken, we are sure to see changes in the weather resulting in storms, floods or water shortages in these areas.
And also when these industries and businesses dump their industrial wastes without any discipline and without any thought for others, it can make the surrounding rivers and water to become polluted very easily.
Therefore, although we need development and modern businesses and industries to provide more work opportunities for the people in these areas, we do need to be vigilant and keep our guard against contamination of our rivers and lakes and also the indiscriminate and irresponsible dumping of industrial wastes and air pollution due to excessive CO2 (carbon-dioxide) emissions.
These are all the factors we should think ahead before we accept direct foreign investment in our country.


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