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June 04, 2020

Police stations understaffed in Pathein

Police stations in Pathein are understaffed and the capacity of the police in the area dipped below 60 percent, according to U Zaw Win Kyaw, a police officer in the township.
There are only 1,135 police personnel in the township although there should be 1,929 personnel, sending the police-population ratio to 1:1835, he added. “There are only 161 police officers and the rest is other ranks. It is essential for the police to operate efficiently. So, emphasis should be given to training for the police at every level than to expansion of the police force,” said U Zaw Win Kyaw.
“Every police station in the district is understaffed. So, some policemen have to assumed duty for a long time. Fortunately, the area is peaceful and crime is not rampant. If there is disturbance of some kind, we do not have policemen to handle the situation,” said U Thein Zaw Oo, a police officer from Pathein No.2 police station.
Pathein District, which is making up of Pathein Township, Ngaputaw Township, Kangyidaunt Township, Yaykyi Township, Thabaung Township, Kyonpyaw Township and Kyaunggon Township, has a population of over two million.
At a Hluttaw session on 11 October, U Myint Htwe, a police officer in Yangon Region, admitted that although basic needs of the police are provided with the approval of the Hluttaw, only 50 percent of their needs could be fulfilled.
The Ministry of Home Affairs has provided every policeman with costs for uniform and healthcare, increased salary, and miscellaneous expenses since November 2013. In addition, every policeman is allowed to receive K 1,000 for daily meal.
Police-to-people ratio in Yangon Region is 1:1,375, according to U Myint Htwe, who invited the public and the media to participate in the efforts to reduce crimes. He also admitted that the police in Myanmar have to carry out various duty and cannot still fulfill the need of the public.
“Policemen have to work all day long but they are notorious. This may have something to do with their low salary. Most people do not trust the police and do not want the police to be involved. Fewer people are joining the police these days. However, if we are to build a better country, we need a better police force,” said Ko Aye Chan, a concerned citizen.– Myitmakha (Edited by MWT (GNLM))


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