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May 31, 2020

Plans underway to open rehabilitation units to provide better health care

The Society of Rehabilitation Medicine under the Myanmar Medical Association (MMA) has a plan to open more rehabilitation units and intensive care units for people who have nervous system disorders, Prof
Dr Khin Myo Hla, President of the Society, told the Global New Light of Myanmar.
Local physiotherapists are now providing the generalized rehabilitation services to those through the Yangon General Hospital and township health departments.
There are more than 150 physiotherapists in the country who took duties at about 100 physiotherapy departments in all regions and states. The number is quite small to provide better services to patients. The country needs a large number of prosthetics and orthotics experts, physiotherapists, physiologists and experienced nurses, she added.
Those physiotherapists expect to get training opportunities to keep abreast of emerging technology. The Society of Rehabilitation Medicine welcomes the invitation from organizations to provide public awareness trainings, Dr Khin Myo Hla added.
She expressed her opinion that modern technology affect over thirty-year-old patients, causing them to suffer bulbous enlargement. Most of them are computer programmers and accountants, she said urging people to take regular exercises to avoid such cases.—GNLM


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