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July 10, 2020

Only our own people can train our true leaders

Myint Win Thein

When a country is in a crisis, many people leave it to find a greener pasture. As a result, some people left their own country. Some of them were able to grasp a chance to study at world famous universities. However, when the country undergoes the reform process, it has to invite its diaspora to help in the national reconstruction. Some of those who left are now internationally educated and will be of invaluable help in the process of national development as many of them now hold important degrees and distinctions.
Although they have completed PhDs or masters at world famous universities, no one has become a leader via this process. Almost all of those with advanced education simply become technical advisors to someone or an international firm. This is because they have lost contact with the people. They no longer think about the people and can no longer understand what the people are suffering.
Many former citizens came back home to Myanmar when the government announced the reform process. So do many PhD holders, seeing their chance to help with the reform. However, no has become leaders of the people or taken up the torch of national improvement outside of their own specialised area. They do not have a long term strategy for the future.
It can be said that leaders of a country cannot be produced by a university in wealthy foreign land. The future leaders of Myanmar need to be on the ground and in contact with the uneducated, poverty-stricken and the oppressed. It is for these people that change is most desperately needed. They are the true mentors of our leaders.


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