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July 16, 2020

No weapon is powerful enough to protect mankind

Man has been inventing various weapons to protect himself along the course of history.  At first, weapons were made from stones and then metals. Today, weapons are being made everywhere from everything at any price. This is because people tend to think that those who possess better weapons are safer than others.
To the contrary, weapons give worries and fears to mankind including those with the most advanced weapons in the world. Actually, those who rely on weapons always have to be afraid of weapons. They are always worried that weapons in the hands of others might put them into danger. For instance, most advanced countries that possess weapons of mass destruction are afraid of them in other countries and have to hold negotiations to reduce the number of weapons of mass destruction including  nuclear warheads. Therefore, it can be said that no weapon is powerful enough to protect mankind.
The alternative to weapons is not a modern invention.  It has always been with mankind since prehistoric times. It is man’s inborn traits known as love and friendship that give protection to mankind. Love and friendship among people can make the world safer and more secure than destructive weapons.  Man should not forget to use his traits. It is high time man dropped weapons and stopped invention of lethal weapons.


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