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September 22, 2019

No side can go it alone

Most people in Myanmar traditionally stay away from politics although they unknowingly participate in national causes which can be termed as body politics. As they do not want to accept that they are political animals, they never try to study the political science of what is taking place around them, let alone learning various laws and the mechanisms of the three pillars of the state, namely the administrative, legislative and judiciary branches.
They therefore have little knowledge about laws and the mechanisms of the three pillars of the state, as was also the case during the reigns of previous successive governments. Those governments decided everything they thought was good for the public and monopolized ownership of those decisions. Their decisions were aloof and the people simply had to work just for their living without being required to work for the nation. As a result, whatever these governments did failed and the image of the country was damaged. Obviously, they were not able to lead the country into prosperity.
However, the people are now required to possess sound knowledge about laws and the three pillars of the state in the democratic transition. Only then will they be able to influence the decisions of the three state pillars and amend laws that hinder the prosperity of the country.
The failures of previous successive governments show that ownership of decisions of the state must also be shared with the people. If a decision is owned both by the state and the people, it enables both parties to work together towards successful implementation. Not only must members of the general public involve themselves in politics, the government must pave way for them to participate in the affairs of the state as no side can go it alone.


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