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May 29, 2020

New health policy key to promoting healthcare standard

The changing situation in the political, economic, health, and other sectors demands that the existing National Health Policy, which was written in 1993, be updated so it can be in tune with the times.
A new health policy is being drafted, and it is targeted to be complete next year.
The new policy must give priority to raising health awareness, prevention and treatment of non-communicable diseases, school health, safety of patients, and health research,
Besides, the new policy must encourage grooming medical practitioners who follow ethical practices, ensure cooperation between the private and government sectors, promote physical exercise, and development of healthcare services.
In the new health policy, providing everyone access to healthcare services, following a people-centered approach and coordination to harmonize the different principles of the policy must be given special attention. Learning healing policies of neighboring countries is also a must.
In spite of many surveys and research being conducted on the country’s healthcare system, practical implementation is still weak in the public health sector.
Although surveys and research have indicated the requirements that need to be fulfilled in the sector, it is still hard to find the ways and means to achieve public healthcare development.
The ultimate goal of the Myanmar National Health Plan (2017-2021) is to be able to provide basic healthcare services at a low cost in any area by the 2020-2021 fiscal year.
To reach that goal, the National Health Plan envisages cooperation with healthcare organizations, private healthcare services, non-governmental organizations, ethnic healthcare teams, development partners, and healthcare programmes.
Rural health centres need urgent help in terms of refresher training for staff who have devoted a significant number of years in healthcare services.
Practical implementation in the public health sector should be encouraged with surveys and research on the country’s healthcare system.
Most importantly, to be in harmony with global goals, the strategies of the new policy should be in line with the country’s sustainable development goals (SDGs) and Myanmar Health Expectation-2030.


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