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September 22, 2019

New fares for Yangon circular line

The fare rate for circular trains will be set depending on the miles travelled. Photo: Aye Min Soe
The fare rate for circular trains will be set depending on the miles travelled. Photo: Aye Min Soe

NEW fares for Yangon’s circular train will be implemented within a month, according to a recent press conference held by Myanma Railways on 16 June.
The fare rate on Yangon circular trains will be Ks100 for the first 15 miles and Ks200 for over 15miles. A survey has been conducted on the new pricing system for a week at the stations and over 80% passengers were happy with the change.
“The fare rate will be set depending on the miles travelled. Currently, the fare is Ks50 for the ordinary class whereas it is Ks200 for the upper class. Sometimes passengers take the wrong class. This project will be implemented within a month,” said U Kyaw Soe Lin, divisional traffic manager of Myanma Railways.
“We don’t need to choose the trains depending on prices,” said Ko Ye Yint Aung.
“Sometimes I have difficulty choosing between ordinary and upper classes as I am illiterate. We have to find the ordinary class by asking people what is ordinary and what is upper class.”
The passengers without tickets will be fined 10 times the fare of the ticket as usual. Tickets will be checked by a total of 54 examiners to ensure all passengers buy tickets.
“In case of passengers going in the wrong car the fines have increased and apparently the new fare system has received high percentage of approval,” said U Htein Win, a ticket examiner.
There are 38 circular train stations and 17 suburban stations and 23 trains with a total of 125 turns a day. Roughly 72,500 passengers are reported to take the circular trains a day.
“We have already informed passengers about new fares and a survey has been conducted to check if the passengers are satisfied,” said U Nyi Nyi Lwin, the assistant divisional traffic manager.
“The Ks50 fare makes change difficult, but it will cost a passenger from Hlawga only Ks100 for under 15 miles instead of paying Ks200 for RBE railway.”
Currently, there are 10 normal trains and 9 RBE trains and 14 trains that are driven with diesel engine. There are a total of 73,000 passengers in the warmer seasons and 69,000 in the monsoon season. 20 passengers were caught riding trains without a ticket this year.


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