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August 08, 2020

New academic year, students and urgent needs to be done

  • Khin Maung Oo
  • With the advent of the new academic year 2017-2018, parents, teachers and students are eagerly preparing for the heavy workload ahead of them. Students will be excited with meeting new friends and encountering new experiences at school, chatting and having fun, while ambitious ones will be getting ready to vie for the attainment of exceptional educational achievements. Parents across the country will have waited for this day with the hope that their offspring’s brighter futures are becoming near. Due to the support to be provided by the government, all parents, especially those who do not belong to the well-to-do class will be relived of burdens of expenses faced at school-opening season. Yet, they will still have to worry about pocket-money to be paid to their children during the school term.
    Authorities concerned will also be busy with the new academic year. It is still a great problem for the authorities to arrange for school-age children to be in basic primary schools. Especially, with the Yangon city-dweller boom, the Yangon Region Government has to deal with urban problems including traffic jams. The traffic situation has improved a little because of the YBS – Yangon Bus System launched by the Yangon regional government but much still remains to be done. We cannot expect that the problems can be solved in a short period of time. It will take considerable amount of time to smoothen out the administrative problems as well as to give proper training to the bus drivers and spares.
    As regards the role of teachers, people do not pay much attention. In fact, most people think that they have done their duty the moment their children board the school ferry buses on weekdays. This is tantamount to leaving all other duties of teaching and taking care of their children during school hours to teachers. Parent-Teacher-Associations (PTAs) have been established with the intention of helping students with their education by working hand in hand between parents and teachers. At the same time, parents need to be in touch with teachers. That is, they are required to inquire as to whether their children are doing well in the class or not.
    Nowadays, gambling houses and game stations are ubiquitous in the city. These places are not only destroying the lives of adults but also threatening to harm the future of our children. Had surveys been made as to how many youths are wandering on roads or other places, it would be beneficial for us. Authorities should not condone its dangers of depriving us of our precious time, labor and moral values. In our surroundings, there are many youths who have become drug-addicts by spending most of their time in game shops. As for him, he has lost his future. But, his family lost their edifices of hope. The debauched person with moral bankruptcy will never become a leader or a reliable member of the work force for the country.
    We accept that no government can solve all problems overnight. The incumbent government was left with a bad legacy of problems and difficulties. Instead of being sandwiched between problems, it has been dealing with them gradually. We, parents and authorities concerned should save the future of our country, by joining with our teachers at schools, without any delay.


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