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July 02, 2020

Myanmar, where old and new media meet

It is undeniable that the media in our country has just witnessed somewhat unprecedented freedom of expression since the government took office in 2010.
It is however safe to assume that the old media, also known as the print media, is gathering momentum each day in our country, at a time when that media is on the verge of going out of fashion in the developed world.
Unlike other countries, Myanmar will have to undergo a new period of two differing forms of media. With easy access to smartphones and the internet, more and more people across the country have turned to new media to receive information, read news and keep in contact with their friends and relatives afar.
It is therefore necessary for the print media in this country to take steps to establish a link between their traditional media and the new social media. Simply put, our country is at a point where the traditional media is gaining speed and the new media is taking off.
At a time when the developed world is faced with a quick surge in the number of social media users and the traditional media is left in critical condition, all the media persons here are responsible for finding new ways to achieve a significant breakthrough in harmonising these two media forms. We don’t want to lose either one.


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