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August 06, 2020

Myanma Motion Picture Museum to celebrate 100 years of Myanmar movies

  • By Maung Thinn Pyant, Photo : Zwe Man

Continued From Yesterday’s Article

Motion Picture Museum displays the influential people in the motion picture history of Myanmar.

During the long journey of one hundred years, shortage of raw films had been experienced in movie world.
Production of movie had been totally stopped in 1945 during the Second World War, which pushed the artistes in engaging the performances of stage show called drama or play during day time, as the night time performance was unsafe from aerial bombing from aircrafts if they saw lights on the grounds.
Movie production re-started after the war with all the strain, struggling and stumbling blocks. The most difficult part of the film industry was the shortage and scarcity of movie films.
He continued by saying that among the difficulties, the film that can be dubbed and recorded with the dialogues while shooting were extremely in short supply and mostly out of stock. It was therefore, the film under referral was to be divided and cut into two portions and kept for the future.
It has been quite a journey of one hundred years with many difficulties having a hard time in the production of Myanmar movies which eventually has to be proud of. Myanmar movies had started with “Myittar and Thuyar”. Moreover, the Centenary of Myanmar Movies event is coincided with two other events, and therefore, the commemoration would be memorable, he continued.
During the Second World War in 1945, there was no shooting of films and that the artistes were displaced elsewhere in the country evading from the war at their own villages or small home towns, resulting with the stoppage of Myanmar movie production for some years.
However, the large cities such as Yangon and Mandalay had hosted with entertainments such as play or drama during day time, literally, a transfer of artistic presentation from movie to a play performed on stage rather than broadcast or made into a film.
Artistes from the Myanmar movie sphere engaged themselves in jobs that they could catch up during the war time.
Entering back into the arena of movie production, they faced the difficulties in the shortage of films. Lack in equipments and need of expertise, they tried to stand on own two feet locally and struggled through the years.
Cutting the movie films with sound recordings into two parts of films, they survived.
Veteran movie actor U Than Win said, “I had entered into the movie world in 1967, and now, it is time to celebrate Movie Centenary. As I have had the opportunity in celebrating the Golden Jubilee and the Diamond Jubilee, I am looking forward to celebrating the Myanmar Movie Centenary with much pride and honor. The Diamond Jubilee event was celebrated at the Pavilion in the premises of Myoma State High School and the Tatmadaw Hall. During our time, the movie production was made with the film and therefore, we had to handle with extreme care never to spoil the film in anyway. Time has changed and that we could produce the movies at our own convenient and time. The acting process of the movie stars had also changed compared to our times. Nowadays, movie could be shot from many views and angles, which was not possible during our times.”
U Than Win continued that a full movie could be shot in twenty days and that some movie took time for one month. We all worked in happy mood in unity and helped each other, and above all, we accorded respect to each other. We are on the eve of celebrating the Myanmar Movie Centenary, and that we are very much grateful to the movie lovers and the people who always support and encourage Myanmar movies.
Until today, those who had worked in the Myanmar movie domain for many years really deserved high praise and honor for their dedication. Passing on from one generation to the next, they carried the onerous job through fate, intellect, wisdom, and diligent.
With these at the backdrops, the stakeholders in the movie world and the movie lovers as a whole have the opportunity to celebrate the Myanmar Movie Centenary.
In recent days in the movie domain, the artistes those are alive in the memorable old days of the Silver Jubilee of 1970 remained very few in number, and therefore, the celebration of the Myanmar Movie Centenary is to be proud of. The Golden Jubilee celebration was first held in Mandalay, and then in Yangon. The Diamond Jubilee was celebrated in Yangon with pomp and fanfare by presenting popular old movies and trendy modern movies at cinema halls where movie lovers supported and encouraged with hearts and souls. A huge throng had gathered with pleasure and cheers at the National Theatre, the Tatmadaw Hall, and the Myoma Sports Ground.
Mega star Daw Nwe Nwe Sann, who is still entertaining the audience, has recounted, “Time passes by very quickly as we are ready to celebrate Myanmar Movie Centenary. I am proud as I could take part in the celebration. During one hundred years time we were able to produce skillfully in script writing, cinematography, editing, sound, well acted, cohesive and internally consistent story that has the ability to elicit emotion, set mood and guide a reaction. Of course, there were sub-standard Myanmar movies. Whatever it may be, an actor needs to work hard, though the ambition to be a star has no easy way out. To become a top-notch movie director would be laborious, hard, arduous, strenuous and demanding so also in producing a good movie.”
She continued by saying that she was thankful to the old artistes for their endeavors in the movie world and also expressed appreciation to the current artistes.
Daw Nwe Nwe Sann said she was of the view that the artistic presentation of Myanmar is on a par with the global norm. She viewed that the situation might remain in the back row on the instruments and apparatuses and the expertise in movie production. Artistic presentation as she considered is on same degree, footing, level, place, and position.
With regards to the cultural aspect of the artists, she endorsed to value own nationals and people along with the implication of arts so as to have compact national culture. Otherwise the bad dress code and too showy of flesh would be leading to bad behavior and poor culture. She pointed out the independence of Myanmar which was regained through the sacrifice of many lives. She warned that if the nation’s independence was lost, there is no way to get it back.
She said that “United we stand, divided we fall’ is very well-known saying which is designed to stir people up to greater unity, including the movie world. One must have optimistic outlook, and if someone is pessimistic, the person is to be extended with helping hand. When the cynical people are on the rise, one must exemplify for good nature and persuade the others. If we could create such good scenario in real life, the artistic world would remain forever.
In the recent past, the renowned movie actress Daw Tin Tin Mu was the most gorgeous mega star of her time in Myanmar movie domain with exceptional and unique acting style.
Most adorable mega star was Daw Kyi Kyi Htay, and had fashionable hairdo in Myanmar style and had unforgettable performances.
Among the top mega actresses, the list was filled with the names such as Daw Khin Ohn Myint, Daw May Thit, and Daw Myint Myint Htay, whose acting in the movies were perfect and stylish, but actually the decent clothing had successfully won the hearts of the movie lovers. Their styles are to be emulated.
Over the years, it could be termed as the time for disgusting sentiments over the ostentatious outfits showing too much flesh by some female movie stars.
Myanmar mindset are embedded with sense of shyness, sense of propriety, full of compassion, and feel for pity that other people on this planet have lesser chance to catch up with.
Self-respect and self-esteem are to be valued and that the traits are to be shared and disseminated to the young ones with the mutual respect basis. Culture and the fine arts are to be preserved.
Most popular Myanmar movies namely “Htar Thakin” and “Mone” are no more in our hands. Moreover, the famous movie “Bo Aung Din” was also gone. Preservation is the needy aspect in the Myanmar movie realm.
Paradoxically, most of the professionals in the movie sphere just survived in lesser income, and remained poor. They lacked in technical know-how for the preservation of films. The most essential part in this topic is the interest, the natural bent and the hobby.
When all the stakeholders uphold the values of fine arts, the chronicle of Myanmar movie would remain more colorful and shining. Daw Nwe Nwe San sincerely wishes for the emergence of persons coming up with the determination in uplifting the standard of Myanmar movie so as to remain in the annals of Myanmar movie history forever. Wishing for the development of Myanmar Motion Picture Museum with the modern technology is also her aspiration.
May the Myanmar movie domain stays in sustainable status is also her prayer.
Myanmar movies stand tall to a certain extent on this planet by showing some innovations in their movie production. Citation for this statement is the movie “Mya Ga Nine” which presented with daring adventures including the flying of hot air balloon in the movie production.
Many good movies had been produced by the founding fathers of Myanmar movie world.
Myanmar movie Centenary is just around the corner.
Doors of the Myanmar Motion Picture Museum are going to open up for the public soonest in the month of October 2019.
The religion, culture, and fine arts of a nation stand out as its intangible and priceless heritage, and the lofty beginnings of the Myanmar fine arts would be chronicled at the Myanmar movies centenary.
Sustainable development of the Myanmar Motion Picture Museum is on the agenda and the unity and unison among the stakeholders of the Myanmar movie sphere would remain strong with strength for many years to come.
In conclusion, I wish that a red carpet is literally laid out for dignitaries to walk on at the Myanmar movie Centenary celebration with the high honor for those who involved in making the Myanmar movie bright and shiny.
Translated by UMT (Ahlon)


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