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June 03, 2020

MNDAA armed group member arrested

Wu  Quin  Chan.
Wu Quin Chan.

While conducting a security operation, the government forces arrested a member of the MNDAA armed group in Laukkai in north-eastern Shan State yesterday.
During the interrogation, Wu Quin Chan said he is the platoon commander of the 29th battalion of MNDAA and he is from Nyophyinsapar Village, Lonhtan Village-tract in Laukkai.
He was a service personnel of the MNDAA before fightings take place between the Tatmadaw and the MNDAA broke out.
When the fightings occurred in 2015, he fled to China and was arrested by the MNDAA troops in July and conscripted into service for the MNDAA between Nampkyar and Tarshinminkhant.
He did recruitment work for the MNDAA, touring around Shinpinkaing Village, Namkhonhaw Village, Tarkyukyaing Village and Kyartimaw Village in Konkyan Township.
He was arrested by the government troops on his way back home.
Action will be taken against him in accordance with the law.



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