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February 29, 2020

Maymyo flower growers unhappy with lower profits

A farmer picks flowers up in her garden in Maymyo. Photo: Myint Tun Min (IPRD)
A farmer picks flowers up in her garden in Maymyo. Photo: Myint Tun Min (IPRD)

Maymyo flower growers are unhappy with lower profits, as the price of flowers has fallen.
“This year, early blooming flowers receive a good price of K 120 for two flowers. After that, the price of flowers has declined. Now, the flowers cost only K 40 for two. Some flower growers are not selling flowers this year, and are keeping their flowers for next season,” said a local grower from Maymyo.
“In our village, all the villagers grow Maymyo flowers. There are many Maymyo flower species. We grow only one species, called the Yoseinkyaukni Maymyo flower. We are growing Maymyo flowers with the use of pesticides while the stalks are small. The stalks must be watered every day and we have to use fertilizers to grow the flowers. The flowers are ready for sale after 60 days. The cultivation of the flowers costs K 70,000 per 0.10 acre. Even though there are a few costs of cultivation, we are receiving only a small profit because of the lower price of flowers,” said Ma Than Than Soe, a local flower grower from Shan Su village.
“We have been growing Maymyo flowers for more than 20 years. The Maymyo flowers sell for high prices every year. But last year and this year, the price of the flower was not really good. So, we have received only small profits,” said U Kyaw Win, a local Maymyo flower grower from Aung Gone village.
Although the entire villagers grows the Maymyo flower, they grow only 0.20 acres of flowers per person.—Myint Tun Min (IPRD) (Translated by Hay Mar)


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